Associated Bank: Packers

This was a fun editing experiment.  This video wasn’t part of the initial concept for our shoot.  As part of our time in Lambeau, we shot an interview with Packer’s soon-to-be Hall of Famer, Jerry Kramer.  Jerry was a great story teller, and he rattled off a story about his last game in the NFL over the course of our interview.  We loved the story and wanted to make a spot out it.  We decided to piece together visuals to illustrate his story using B-Roll from the mostly un-related TV spot we shot in Green Bay.  The only problem was that Jerry’s story run the full gamut of emotions, from dejection and disappointment to elation.  Our TV spot consisted entirely of fans chanting and cheering on their team.  With some creative editing, I pulled the “heads” and “tails” off of our fan footage, including footage of the actors waiting around before “Action!” was called, or after the director had cut. I mixed this with some archival game footage, as well as emotional music and sound design, and managed to put together a piece that illustrates the valleys, as well as the peaks, in Jerry’s story.  Associated Bank shared it on their social channels to commemorate Jerry’s induction into the Hall of Fame, and the video played during the game at Lambeau Field when the Packers celebrated Jerry’s achievement. I served as second shooter at the shoot, as well as editor and sound designer on the video. 

The rest of the team included:

Michelle Cherland  – Creative Director

Andy Graca – Writer

Jack Treacy  – Art Director

John Borchardt – Producer

Danny Skalman – Account Executive

Alex Horner – Cinematographer

Patrick Pierson – Director

Mike Caugin – Chief Creative Officer

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