The Cenex Brand purpose is to power local communities. One of the ways we have helped them activate that purpose is through the Hometown Pride campaign.  Local Cenex businesses can submit stories about what makes their hometowns special.  Winning entries receive a $5000 grant to put towards a community project, and we have produced short documentaries about each of the winning towns, empowering them to tell their stories to the world.  These are the videos in that documentary series. On the documentaries, I served as director, cinematographer, editor, colorist, and art director.

The rest of the team included:

Dustin Black – Group Creative Director

Zach Deblaey/Andy Graca – Writer

John Borchardt / Annika Greenberg / Kym Carranza-Meurer  – Producers

Allison Kuznia – Account Director

Sally Mollman – PR

Mike Caugin – Chief Creative Officer